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What is AccessHemOnc?

AccessHemOnc  from McGraw-Hill Medical offers a new approach to hematology-oncology reference and research. Updated regularly, this comprehensive online HemOnc resource covers the entire spectrum of hematology-oncology from the basics to specialty-specific content – optimized for viewing on any device.

AccessHemOnc can assist fellows and residents in strengthening their skills with instant access to leading textbooks that will establish a solid base for learning, and allow practicing physicians to reinforce their medical knowledge for re-certification.


Why is AccessHemOnc  unique?

AccessHemOnc  provides unique benefits that deliver indispensable support in education and certification/recertification – through these exclusive interactive features:

  • Online editions of leading references — Instantly connect to the world’s leading hematology-oncology references, including Williams Hematology, Hematology-Oncology Therapy, and The MD Anderson Manual of Oncology. Each text is featured in its most current edition, and all references are fully searchable.
  • Helpful diagnostic resources — The latest clinical texts provide information to help speed diagnosis of the three main blood cancers: leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.

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