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The effective surgical management of advanced and recurrent gynecologic cancer includes a complex array of extirpative and reconstructive operative procedures and requires an integrated multidisciplinary team approach. This text is intended for surgeons and students of surgery performing radical and ultraradical operations for gynecologic cancers and related tumors affecting the female pelvis. It fills an unmet need in the surgical educational literature as a crossdisciplinary single source of information. The book is organized into 3 main parts.

Part I covers the historic evolution of radical pelvic surgical procedures and provides an anatomic review of pertinent pelvic and abdominal visceral, vascular, and bony structures as a foundation for the detailed descriptions and illustrations of the surgical procedures that follow. Part II consists of the extirpative (resection) procedures organized by system physiology and anatomic region as a combination textbook and surgical atlas. The detailed illustrations are complemented by operative photographs, emphasizing the practical or “how-to” aspects of each procedure. Part III includes comprehensive coverage of the full range of reconstructive procedures and surgical options available to optimize patient outcome as well as a chapter on rehabilitation, quality-of-life issues, and symptom management.

The contributors to this text include a multidisciplinary international team of leading surgical educators from the disciplines of surgical oncology, gynecologic oncology, urologic oncology, colorectal surgery, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Robert E. Bristow, MD, MBA
Dennis S. Chi, MD

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