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II.I.001 Breast Cancer Cells


Breast cancer cells. Blood film. White cell concentrate. Large vacuolated tumor cells.

II.I.002 Breast Cancer Cells


Breast cancer cells. Blood film. (A) Lower power. Clump of breast tumor cells. (B) Higher power. Large mononuclear cells in aggregate, one cell heavily vacuolated.

II.I.003 Breast Cancer Cells


Breast Cancer Cells. Blood films. (A, B) Single breast cancer cells found in blood of patient with metastatic breast cancer. Note very large size and vacuoles in cell in (B).

II.I.004 Lung Cancer Cells


Lung cancer cells. Blood film. (A) Very large tumor cells. (B) Large tumor cell with bizarre nuclear configuration.

II.I.005 Rhabdomyosarcoma


Rhabdomyosarcoma. Blood film. White cell concentrate. (A) Clump of very large vacuolated tumor cells. (B) Large single tumor cell in a clump of white cells.

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