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X.H.001 Toluidine Blue Stain


Toluidine blue stain. Basophil. Marrow basophil granules react by taking on a deep blue to purple color (metachromasia).

X.H.002 Toluidine Blue Stain


Toluidine blue stain. Mast cells. Marrow. (A) Wright-Giemsa stain. Mast cell granules stain blue to purple. (B) Periodic acid Schiff stain. Mast cell granules react and develop a rose color. (C) Toluidine blue stain. Mast cells stain an intense dark blue to purple (metachromasia).

X.H.003 Toluidine Blue Stain


Toluidine blue stain. Systemic mastocytosis. Positive staining of neoplastic mast cell granules in marrow.

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