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X.L.001 Acid Phosphatase. Hairy Cell Leukemia


Acid Phosphatase. Hairy Cell Leukemia. Spleen Imprints. (A) Acid phosphatase stain showing red staining of red cells and of large mononuclear (hairy) cells. (B) After treatment with tartrate, red cell staining is gone but large mononuclear (hairy) cells remain positive (red staining) for the acid phosphatase stain. This tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase staining pattern is characteristic of hairy cells.

X.L.2 Hairy Cell Leukemia. Acid Phosphatase


Hairy Cell Leukemia. Acid Phosphatase. (A) Phase micrograph wet preparation of hairy cells. Note two characteristic hairy cells with circular nuclei and abundant cytoplasm with ragged cell surface. (Can barely see hairy projections) (B)Tartrate-treated cells showing residual staining of hairy cell by acid phosphatase. Red cells faintly seen in background.

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