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VI.A.001 Acute Basophilic Leukemia


Acute basophilic leukemia. (A) Blood film. Band, myelocyte and two basophils. (B) Blood film. Neutrophil, blast cell, basophil. (C) Marrow film. Frequent basophils. (D) Blast cell, basophil, neutrophil.

VI.A.002 Acute Basophilic Leukemia


Acute basophilic leukemia. Blood film. Two neutrophils and three basophils in the field.

VI.A.003 Acute Basophilic Leukemia


Acute basophilic leukemia. (A) and (B) Blood films. Blasts and immature basophils, the predominant blood cell types. (C) Toluidine blue stain. Upper right shows an unstained band neutrophil. Other three cells are immature basophils. Note metachromatic staining (reddish to purple color reaction with a blue stain).

VI.A.004 Acute Eosinophilic Leukemia


Acute eosinophilic leukemia. (A) Blood film. Two blast cells, two neutrophilic cells with dumbbell nuclei (pseudo-Pelger cells) and an abnormal eosinophil with five-lobed nucleus. (B) Blood film. Two blast cells, two neutrophilic cells with dumbbell nuclei (pseudo-Pelger cells) and an abnormal eosinophil with five-lobed nucleus. (C) Marrow section. Multiple blast cells and eosinophils in various stages of maturation. (D) Marrow film. Peroxidase stain. Positive reaction (black reaction product) in myeloblasts and immature eosinophils.

VI.A.005 Acute Eosinophilic Leukemia


Acute eosinophilic leukemia. (A) Blood film. Two segmented and one band eosinophil. (B) Blood film. Very early and late eosinophilic myelocytes. Two neutrophils. (C) Marrow film. Two eosinophilic myelocytes. (D) Marrow section. Marrow replaced by eosinophilic cells ranging from early myelocytes to segmented forms. Slight increase in blast cells.

VI.A.006 Acute Eosinophilic Leukemia


Acute eosinophilic leukemia. (A) Blood film. Hyperleukocytosis. Eight eosinophils myelocytes and segmented eosinophil and eosinophilic metamyelocyte. (B) Blood film. Eosinophilic myelocytes, metamyelocyte and segmented form. Very early eosinophilic myelocyte. Three agranular cells (neutrophil precursors). (C) Marrow film. Giant eosinophil myelocyte with mixed granulation. (D) Marrow film. Segmented eosinophils. Early eosinophilic myelocyte.

VI.A.007 Acute Eosinophilic Leukemia


Acute Eosinophilic Leukemia. (A) Blood film. Eosinophil with trilobed nucleus. Agranular giant neutrophil with acquired Pelger-Huët nuclear configuration. (B) Marrow biopsy. Hypercellular. Frequent eosinophils with myeloid immaturity and blast cells (note prominent nucleoli). (C) Marrow biopsy. Hypercellular. Frequent eosinophils. Increased myeloid cells with blast cells. (D) Marrow film. Luxol blue stain showing eosinophil granules reacting with blue color. Note increased eosinophil nuclear lobes.

VI.A.008 Acute Eosinophilic Leukemia

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