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Laboratory Variables Relevant to Hematologic Diagnosis (Normal Adult Values)

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Variable (Common Abbreviations) Units Values
Hematocrit (HCT) or Packed cell volume (PCV) mL red cells/dL blood or % M = 42–51
F = 36–46
Hemoglobin (Hb, Hgb) g/dL blood M = 14–18
F = 12–16
Red cell count (RBC, RCC) 106/μL or 1012/L M = 4.5–6.0
F = 4.1–5.1
Mean cell volume (MCV) fL/cell M = 80–96
F = 79–94
Mean cell hemoglobin (MCH) pg/cell 27–33
Mean cell hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) g/dL red cells 33–36
Red cell distribution width (RDW) percent <15
Reticulocyte count percent of red cells 0.5–1.5
Reticulocyte count, absolute × 1012/L M = 35,000–75,000
F = 25,000–65,000
Reticulocyte hemoglobin (CHr) pg/cell 27–33
Total blood volume (TBV) mL/kg 65–85+; 55–75#
Plasma volume (PV) mL/kg 39–44
Red cell mass (RCM) mL/kg 25–35
Platelet count 103/μL or 109/L 175–450
White cell count (WBC, WCC) 103/μL or 109/L 4.8–10.8
Absolute monocyte count 103/μL or 109/L 0.3–0.8
Absolute neutrophil count 103/μL or 109/L 1.8–7.7
Absolute lymphocyte count 103/μL or 109/L 1.0–4.8
CD3-positive lymphocytes 103/μL or 109/L 700–1900
CD4-positive lymphocytes 103/μL or 109/L 400–1400
CD8-positive lymphocytes 103/μL or 109/L 200–700
CD19-positive lymphocytes 103/μL or 109/L 50–375
Hemoglobin A1 Percent of total hemoglobin 96.1–98.3
Hemoglobin A2 Percent of total hemoglobin 1.2–3.9
Hemoglobin F Percent of total hemoglobin 0.1–1.2
Prothrombin time (PT) Seconds to clot 12–14
International Normalized Ratio (INR) None 0.8–1.2
Partial thromboplastin time (PTT) Seconds to clot 19–30
Thrombin time Seconds to clot 10–15
Bleeding time
 Ivy Minutes 3–6
 Template Minutes 6–10
 Closure time (PFA-100) Seconds <175
Collagen/epinephrine (CEPI)
Clot retraction Percent in 1 hour >40
Fibrinogen mg/dL plasma 188–381
D-Dimer ng/mL <400
Factor II, V, and VII Percent of normal mean 50–150
Factor VIII: c activity Percent of normal mean 50–200
Willebrand factor activity Percent of normal mean 60–200§
Willebrand factor antigen Percent of normal mean 50–160§
mg/L <100
Factor VIII-inhibitor Bethesda units 0–0.5
Factor IX Percent of normal mean 50–150
Mg/L <4.0
Factor X Percent of normal mean 50–150
mg/L <10
Factor XI Percent of normal mean 50–150
mg/L <7.0
Factor XII Percent of normal mean 50–150
Factor XIII Percent of normal mean 70–130
α2- antiplasmin Percent of normal mean 80–120
Plasminogen Percent of normal mean 80–120
 Functional assay Percent of normal mean 80–120
 Immunologic assay mg/dl 22–33
Protein C Percent of normal mean 70–140
μg/mL 3.0–5.0
Activated protein C resistance APC ratio >1.5
Protein S Percent of normal mean 65–140
 Total μg/mL 20–25
 Free μg/mL 6–10
 Free/total ratio Unitless <0.4
Fibrin degradation products (latex particles) μg/mL <20
Platelet Aggregation (in platelet-rich plasma)
 With collagen (2 μg/mL) Percent of control 70–95
 With arachidonic ...

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