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I would like to thank several individuals for providing the opportunity to complete this textbook:

Mr. Brian Belval of McGraw-Hill Professional who believed in the vision of this proposal.

Ms. Christie Naglieri, Ms. Poonam Bisht, Ms. Jessica Gonzalez, Mr. Rick Ruzycka, Mr. Vivek Khandelwal, Mr. Andrew Moyer, Ms. Juanita Thompson, Mr. Armen Ovsepyan, and Mr. Roger Kasunic who facilitated the overall production of this project.

Dr. Charles M. Balch, who as a luminary in Surgical Oncology showed me the art of professionalism.

The other cover editors of this textbook who I am eternally grateful to, including Dr. V. Suzanne Klimberg, Dr. Timothy M. Pawlik, Dr. Mitchell C. Posner, and Dr. Kenneth K. Tanabe who as global leaders in surgical oncology provided mentorship throughout the entire process.

The section editors and chapter contributors who graciously donated their expertise as thought leaders in Surgical Oncology.

Ms. Anne Rains who drew the illustrations.

Sir Professor Murray Brennan who as an icon in surgical oncology wrote the foreword.

Dr. Jaimie Tom, Mr. Josiah Morita, Mr. Elijah Morita, Mr. Zechariah Morita—my unsung heroes.

Ms. Linda Tom, Ms. Natsuko Hamao, Mr. Derryck Tom, Ms. Lillian Tom, Mr. Joseph Tom, Mr. Cory Tom, Ms. Michele Tom, Ms. Talia Yoneda, and Mr. Ross Yoneda for their unyielding support.

The people in Hilo, Hawaii.

I especially thank all of the cancer patients as well as their family members including my father, Garry Takao Morita, and mother, Soon Sun Morita, who demonstrated bravery in fighting this illness.

Shane Young Morita

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