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Urology is one of the fastest developing of specialties, but the main aim here is to provide a source reference for many of the conditions and means of investigating them that are encountered and used within the context of everyday urological practice.

One of the consultants I worked for during the early stages of my training was always keen to point out that urological problems are regularly encountered in many other specialties as a consequence of a wide variety of disease processes, not least of which is the realm of the community care and general practitioner, and it is with this thought in mind that this book has been put together.

This volume is aimed at as wide a readership interested in the discipline of urology as possible, from the medical student encountering the specialty for the first time to the expert keen for some up-to-date images of common urological conditions. The aim has been to provide a readable, user-friendly text looking at the major areas dealt with by urology as a specialty, accompanied by illustrations.

The book begins with a look at renal function - its measurement and the assessment of its impairment, before moving on to look at the investigation and diagnosis of urinary tract infection. The management of lower urinary tract symptoms or LUTS as this spectrum of presenting complaints is known, is dealt with in a separate chapter, followed by a look at the investigation of stone disease. The next section of the book looks at the presentation and investigation of common urological malignancies in chapters covering prostate, bladder and renal cancer. Testicular cancer is dealt with in the following chapter, which also takes a look at common benign scrotal conditions. Finally, the book is rounded off by a summary of the investigations and assessment techniques used in patients with erectile dysfunction.

John L. Probert
June 2008

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