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Problem solving in women's health aims to give health professionals an easily readable practical guide to deal with common gynaecological presentations. The evidence, where available, is presented. With the lifespan of women continuing to increase and many surviving into their 10th or even 11th decades the problems of postreproductive health are increasing. This book covers problems from the menarche until old age.

The book is in eight sections and covers menstrual problems, menopause, fertility and contraception, gynaecological emergencies, sexual problems, urogenital problems, prevention and screening and gynaecological cancer. Alternative and complementary therapies as well as standard pharmacopiea are discussed.

The cases are described in a format suitable both for a consultation and could also be used for teaching and training of medical postgraduates preparing for higher qualifications. The cases are based on common problems encountered by the authors in both primary care and hospital-based practice.

Margaret Rees
Sally Hope
Jane Moore
Polly Crawford
Martin Oehler
October 2007

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