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Dr Joss Adams, Oxford

Dr Faisal Al-Terkait, Leeds

Dr Anne Armstrong, Manchester

Dr Sofia Baka, Manchester

Dr Mike Braun, Leeds

Dr Fiona Collinson, Leeds

Dr Sue Darby, Sheffield

Dr Emma Dean, Manchester

Dr Sheila Fraser, Leeds

Dr Sandeep Goyle, Leeds

Mr Mohammad Abu Hilal, Leeds

Dr Uschi Hofmann, Leeds

Dr Satinder Jagdev, Leeds

Dr Ioannis Karydis, Oxford

Dr Omar Khan, Oxford

Dr Matt Krebs, Manchester

Dr Claire Mitchell, Manchester

Dr Jay Naik, Leeds

Dr Lucy Nicholson, Leeds

Dr Roisin O'Cearbhaill, Dublin

Dr Anne Marie O'Dwyer, Dublin

Dr Derek Power, Dublin

Dr Robin Prestwich, Leeds

Dr Andrew Proctor, Leeds

Dr Andrew Protheroe, Oxford

Dr Nitesh Rohatgi, Leeds

Dr Jens Samol, Oxford

Dr Rachel Sheils, Leeds

Dr Catherine Siller, Leeds

Dr Sheryl Sim, Leeds

Dr Asha Siva, Leeds

Dr Elena Takeuchi, Leeds

Dr Nav Vasudev, Leeds

Dr Simon Waters, Leeds

Dr Penny Wright, Leeds

Dr Cheng Yeoh, Leeds

Dr Alison Young, Leeds

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