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Editors' acknowledgements

The editors and authors are grateful to all the patients who have inspired them to prepare this book and to work together to improve patient care.

The editors warmly acknowledge the support they have received in preparing this book. They are especially grateful to Cancer Research UK for their sponsorship of the book and the workshop that preceded it, without which the whole project would not have been possible.

The editors, authors and publisher are most grateful to the Executive Committee of the Association of Cancer Physicians for their support and advice during the development of this book.

The editors thank Beverley Martin and colleagues at Clinical Publishing for their expert work in preparing the book, and Nicole Goldman, who coordinated and oversaw the book's preparation and organization.

Dr Copson would like to acknowledge the support of the University of Southampton and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Dr Hall would like to acknowledge the support of the University of Edinburgh and Western General Hospital, NHS Lothian. Dr Board would like to acknowledge the support of the University of Manchester and Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Professor Cook and Professor Selby would like to acknowledge the support of the University of Leeds, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the European Research Council. The book was prepared in association with the NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Leeds, of which Gordon Cook and Peter Selby are directors and for which Peter Hall leads in health economics.


Ellen R. Copson, Peter Hall, Ruth E. Board, Gordon Cook and Peter Selby


Association of Cancer Physicians

The Problem Solving series of cancer-related books is developed and prepared by the Association of Cancer Physicians, often in partnership with one or more other specialist medical organizations. As the representative body for medical oncologists in the UK, the Association of Cancer Physicians has a broad set of aims, one of which is education of its own members and of non-members, including interested clinicians, healthcare professionals and the public. The Problem Solving series is a planned sequence of publications that derive from a programme of annual scientific workshops initiated in 2014 with 'Problem Solving in Acute Oncology', followed by 'Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients', 'Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology' and, most recently, 'Problem Solving in Patient-Centred and Integrated Cancer Care'.

The publications involve considerable work from members and other contributors; this work has been done without remuneration, as an educational service. The books have been well received and we are delighted with their standard. Problem Solving in Older Cancer Patients was awarded the 2016 BMA prize for best oncology book of the year.

The Association of Cancer Physicians wishes to thank all the contributors to this and previous books, and to those yet to come.


Johnathan Joffe, Chairman, Association of Cancer Physicians

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