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We are immensely proud that this book unites a diverse authorship of more than 90 clinical and research leaders in the field of sickle cell disease. These range from senior scientific statesmen to new rising stars, drawn from at least 20 different biomedical disciplines, 40 institutions, 9 countries, and 5 continents. We thank the authors for their lifelong commitment to advancing the highest quality clinical medicine and discovery science. We would like to thank our administrator Laura Pliske and all of our colleagues who have answered the call to collaborate in the creation of this authoritative body of work.

Also, the editors would like to acknowledge the help and assistance put forth by Karen Edmonson, the Senior Content Acquisitions Editor for this book, who has provided invaluable support throughout this project, from the initial design of the book to its realization. The editors would also like to thank the many individuals at McGraw Hill responsible for bringing this book to press, including Leah Carton, Harriet Lebowitz, Kim Davis, and Sarika Gupta at KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. for her excellent effort in coordinating the book layout and final presentation of the page layout.

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