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The editors would like to thank all of the authors in this volume, who came through for us with exceptional work under the most challenging of circumstances. Several were caring for ailing family members in the midst of a pandemic, or were sick themselves during the writing process. Some had to assume unexpected clinical duties, many had to transform their academic teaching practice to virtual format, and others stepped in at very late stages to create new chapters when other authors had to withdraw. All of our authors’ level of professionalism was humbling and we are extraordinarily grateful to have the chance to work with these exceptional colleagues.

We are very grateful to Nancy Hall for allowing us to use her artwork on the cover.

We want to thank Christine Schirmer, the Stanford Teaching and Mentoring Academy, and all of the clinicians, researchers, and trainees who attended the workshops on emotion and provided feedback that informed the direction of this book.

We appreciate the editorial team at McGraw Hill. Finally, big thanks go to Karen Edmonson for making this book possible and for her generous advice along the way.

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